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Smooth McGroove - “One Winged Angel” 


Microsoft, What Have You Done…


I did not even know that Dance Central: Spotlight was released until I saw reviews posted up.  Upon reading it, I could not believe the changes that have taken place!  Not only is the game only in the Xbox Live Marketplace, but it only comes with 10 songs to start (thank goodness it’s only $10).  The saving grace is that each song has multiple dance routines, but if you want more music, you have to spend $2 on each song (discounted if you get the artist packs).  There are already 27 songs up for DLC, so expect to spend around $50 if you want everything… but I find it to be a bit of a ripoff because you could spend less and have way more songs on this game’s predecessors.  I don’t recall ever paying the full $60 for one of these games.  Thankfully I doubt anyone would want every single song, but this DLC song list is only going to grow from here.  

Honestly, the whole song situation can redeem itself depending on how good the routines are and exactly what songs are released…. my biggest problem with the entire situation is the fact that it is Xbox One exclusive, after being initially advertised as coming out on the 360 as well.  This series was definitely what I played the most on the Xbox 360, but sadly it looks like that will be coming to an end now.  

Final Remarks

I imagine the hardcore Microsoft followers were initially excited when they learned that the game would only be $10, but you’re really not saving anything if you’re trying to have anywhere as many songs as are given by default in the predecessors.  Is there a feature that allows you to import from the other games?  That would help… someone needs to confirm that for me.  I saw the routine for one of the songs I was really looking forward to and I wasn’t all that impressed by it.  

It’s rather disappointing that it is generally scoring lower than all the other games too, so I’m thinking this series is about to go the way of Rock Band & Guitar Hero.  My faith now lies in Fantasia: Music Evolved, which looks rather interesting.  Don’t know what that is?  Look it up.  

The end.  Thanks for reading!

People will do anything to win!  Check out this little series for Smash Bros. hilarity.

Super Smash Bros. Melee: Menu 1 (Acapella)

Acapella - Super Mario Bros. 2 Overworld Theme

FF7 Jenova Cover

I never did beat that game lol.

Links shooting arrows.

Little Mac in Smash Bros 4!!!  WOOHOO!!!

What Nintendo Should Do

Give us this…


And bundle it with THIS…



Gerudo Valley on Violin… this girl has talent, and the video was well done!!

The Future of Smash Bros.

The character lineup is looking better and better… so far we have veterans Bowser, Donkey Kong, Fox, King DeDeDe, Kirby, Link, Luigi, Mario, Marth, Peach, Pikachu, Olimar, Pit, Samus, Sonic, Toon Link & Zelda.  Newcomers are Mega Man, Rosalina, Villager & Wii Fit Trainer.  I’m looking forward to seeing who else is revealed.

I find it interesting to occasionally see what the world-ranked Smash Bros. pros are thinking about when it comes to the future of SSB.  Their top concerns seem to be the same as my own… We both want Melee-style gameplay back.  The era of Melee, especially when the advanced techniques began to reveal themselves, was the best mistake Nintendo ever made.  

We both are also concerned about the controller situation… The Wii U will force the use of the WiiMote or Classic Controller… both significantly different from the Gamecube remote that the majority prefer.  The Wii U has an adapter for Gamecube controllers that used to be extremely expensive… but it seems to have dramatically dropped down to around $17… which is great.  Unfortunately, it only works for wired controllers, which I no longer own because they all are worn out.  I’m 100% wireless. 

Despite the gameplay and controls, I know it will be fun… but where will it rank among the other 3?  Only time will tell…

Zelda Triforce